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Current version

The current version of SCOM Insight can be downloaded here. The installer supports both new installations and in-place upgrades. You will need a trial or full licence.

Release history

Version Date Notes Link
1.4.1 05/06/2018 Minor
  • Bug fix: custom logos overlapped page content in some edge cases.
  • Bug fix: the installer failed to update some files on upgrade, if the files were in use by the application pool.
1.4.0 01/06/2018 Significant
  • Changed the default action when selecting a tile. Originally, the full alerts list was loaded, but now an alerts list specific to the selected tile is presented. The generated URL is a permanent link to the alerts for that object. This setting can be disabled by changing the TileSpecificAlertView setting in the Web.config file.
    At all times, the full alerts view can be accessed via /alerts.
  • Added the ability to present a custom logo on the dashboard. To add a logo, save a JPEG or PNG file to C:\ProgramData\Pendlenet\SCOM Insight\Custom\Images and set the CustomLogoFile setting in the Web.config file. Further settings are available, to set the image size and position. See the configuration guide for details.

  • Bug fix: in carousel mode (/carousel), when clicking on a tile, the alerts view is now displayed.
  • Bug fix: the installer warmed the application pool only on initial installation; this now includes upgrades.
1.3.0 15/05/2018 Significant
  • Initial page load times have been improved by ~40% by improving the efficiency of database queries. This is especially noticeable on pages with a large number of tiles.
  • Added two parameters to the Web.config file:
    1. CapitaliseComputerNames, enabled by default, this causes computer names to be capitalised across the application, for consistency.
    2. ComputerTilesNameExcludesDomainNamesCSV, a comma-separated list of domain names that are not to be shown on the tiles that represent computers/servers. When populated with a list of your internal domains, this property will reduce FQDNs to individual computer names, so that they more easily fit onto tiles.

  • Removed redundant data from the database, reducing its size by ~10%.
  • Changed the background data update caching settings to prevent temporary files being created in the browser's cache, which could lead to thousands of temporary files being created.
1.2.1 29/04/2018 Minor
  • Bug fix: when upgrading, settings in Web.config that contain a semicolon are now correctly transferred.
  • Bug fixes: when in static grid mode (>100 tiles), dynamically-added rows are now correctly rendered, and, as the tiles can't be positioned by the user, existing positioning is ignored and all tiles are rendered to fill the grid, in alphabetical order.
1.2.0 24/04/2018 Significant
  • Further improved the responsive design, to better support displays with low resolutions and to automatically resize the tiles on resolution changes.
  • Improved the efficiency of tile rendering, to reduce the time taken to render the tile view with a large number of tiles. In addition, added a parameter to the config file, NumberOfTilesBeforeStaticGrid (defaulting to 100), that is used to determine when to render a static grid (one where the tiles can't be moved), which is faster to display. Together, these measures allow a larger number of tiles to be rendered more quickly.
  • Added application icons for mobile devices.

  • The IIS application pool now automatically starts, ensuring that the application always runs.
  • Bug fix: registry settings are now removed upon uninstallation.
  • When upgrading, configuration in Web.config is now automatically transferred from the previous version.
1.1.0 13/04/2018 Significant
  • Bug fix: removed the incompatibility with the APM component of the Microsoft Monitoring Agent (SCOM agent).
  • Improved the responsive design, to better support displays with high pixel densities, and mobile devices.

  • Improved on-screen error reporting and event log error logging.
1.0.0 28/01/2018 Initial release. Download