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The licence file

Your licence is stored in a file in the SCOM Insight installation directory. The filename format is ManagementGroup.lic, where ManagementGroup is the name of your management group. For example, SCOM-Prod.lic.

A valid licence file for your management group must be present in the installation directory, which, by default, is C:\Program Files\Pendlenet\SCOM Insight\.

To find the current installation directory, execute the following in PowerShell:

Get-ItemProperty "HKLM:\SOFTWARE\Pendlenet\SCOM Insight\Installer Cache\" "Directory" | select -ExpandProperty "Directory"

Upgrading from a trial or renewing your licence

If you don't yet have a full licence, one can be ordered on the Sales site.

To upgrade from a trial or renew your licence, a new licence file must be applied. There are two options to do this:

  1. Simply copy the new licence file to the installation directory, overwriting the existing licence file. The application will immediately detect and use the new licence. If there are any problems with the licence that has been applied, you will be notified on-screen in the application within two minutes, and details of the problem will be logged to the event log (see below).
  2. If an upgrade to the application is available (see the release history), download the latest version and run the installer in place on your current server. The installer will prompt for a licence file (at which point you can provide the replacement licence) and upgrade your installation in place.
Before proceeding, you may want to take a backup of the existing licence file.


Any problems reading the licence, or if the licence has expired, will be logged to the Application event log with ID 7180.

If you experience any difficulties, please Support.